Hervé Brisepierre is a french artist born in Casablanca where he spent his first years, HB then discovers France at the age of eight never fully forgetting his nostalgea for a country that initiated his childhood dreams.Inspired by colours and smells,craftsmanship and contrasting landscape, he finds an unending source of inspiration.
After having explored landscape design, and worked with industrial materials; his accute sense of observation, coupled with an intrinsic respect for nature, leads him to his present means of expression.

Arar-90x55cm-4.500€Eternity- Table bois incrusté-3mx1m50-19.500€

Œuf. Incrustations sur bois. 7500 €Cube. incrustations sur bois.        4900€Table. Incrustations sur bois.     16 000 €

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