Frederic COSPEREC is a self-taught artist born in 1971 in Britany (France). He lives and works in Concarneau, a charming sea side town, nearby from Pont-Aven the city of Paul GAUGUIN.

Frederic COSPEREC works is essentially based on sculpting and painting. He is a non-conventional artist always exploring new techniques and supports.

His predilection colors are black and white and any shade of gray.  Hand in hand with Britany’s weather and his personality, he sometimes introduces colors in his work.

His work is essentially based on the exploration of the India ink through all its applications, rendering and thematic.

He often merges the technics of Ink blown with projection of glycerol painting in a bath of water. The result is often between the seaside landscape with dry grass and the urban scene where nature took back its rightful place.

He also uses India ink for « conventional » painting as the revisiting of several famous photos of Picasso using a wide range of gray scale.

The world of Picasso and his famous « Minotaur » and « Toreador » is also a huge source of inspiration and creation for Frederic COSPEREC. These thematics are very present in his sculpting and crude drawing.

fred1.jpeg minotaure.jpg picasso-5.jpg statue-minautore-3.jpg minautore-1.jpg 1-picasso-3.jpg le-violon-dingre.jpg le-pas-des-ballerines.jpg