Daan Oude Elferink (1978) lives in the Netherlands. Early 2009 he bought his first camera, but really got fanatic when he came into contact with urban exploring. He searched on the internet for a location and together with a friend jumped into the car to drive to Belgium. He was immediately impressed with the beauty of decay and the artifacts showing the history of the building.

At the moment he works together with a group of urbexers (urban explorers, who explore abandoned places) and together they explore different sites. He loves every minute of the process, from the preparing , travelling, the very moment to arrive and enter into the building, the shootings, to finally share the work with the audience.

Urbex means lots of contrasts; a dark room with daylight shining inside. A camera cannot capture these contrasts and for that reason urbexers usually work with HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing. HDR means taking 3 to 5 exactly the same pictures, with different exposures. In the darkest photo’s the lightest parts must have good exposure, in the lightest photo’s the darkest parts must have good exposure. With software, you process these pictures to one.

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