Stéphane Lopez

Stéphane Lopez was born 40 years ago in Nîmes, south of France. He lives near the arenas, where he was initiated into the world of bullfighting.
For 23 years, Stéphane Lopez has been turning pieces of steel into works of art, in his workshop. Mastering steel, he brings to life matadors and bulls, fighting into the arena, showing us the beauty of their moves. Bodies change under the light, as we walk around the sculptures.
Tribute to bullfighting, these sculptures are successful as much among aficionados as among other art lovers.
Bulls and toreros will remain a deep source of inspiration for this passionate artist.

Homme de fer et Matador de forge

Born in 1973 in Nîmes, S.Lopez is a self-taught sculptor on steel. He began to learn about art when he met several artists from Nîmes, and César, the great sculptor of “Compressions”. He finally made his way into practicing art through the help and thrust of his art godfather José Pires.
In 1991, when he was only 18, he showed his first sculpture during an exhibition in the Vinothèque of Nîmes.
Since then, he has shown his work in many exhibitions around France.

Maison et objet N&B32

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